Handmade Leather Shoes

A Short Guide About Men’s Custom Handmade Leather Shoes

Shoes are just a piece of clothing that we can’t do without any effort. We can reject hats. Wrist watches can be avoided, but when it comes to shoes they’re a necessity of every man. Purchasing a pair of shoes is same as liking choosing a best friend of yours. We men always have a kind of strange and personal relationship with our shoes and we always want the best for ourselves that goes with our personalities. In this regard, nothing can be more comforting and understanding than a custom handmade shoe because it’s handcrafted with love and affection for a particular person. However, custom handmade leather shoes are quite expensive, so it’s best to know what exactly you want while placing an order.

There are certain points that you need to keep in mind before you order a custom designed handmade leather shoe in order to avoid any kind of issues in future.

Always check the Condition of Leather (Raw Material)

At present there is a high competition going on between the machines prepared shoes and handmade leather shoes. Few people consider on going with first option while majority of shoe lovers prefer to step into premium build handmade custom leather shoes. Whether you go for a bespoke homemade leather shoe or a regular one, the foremost thing to consider is the raw material from which the shoe is going to be built. The condition of leather explains itself the quality and durability of the leather shoes; whether you select bespoke handmade or machine prepared. Royal Street shoes among the Pakistan’s best shoe choices produces high quality handmade shoes with Pure Aniline Full Grain Leather which is the best raw material for handcrafted leather shoes.

Find out about Manufacturer’s Reputation

Before buying a custom handmade leather shoe or a machine built, it’s most important to check out the reputation of the manufacturer in the market. You can either go for word of mouth, seek references from the people in your circle, or the best way is to find out on internet or the social media channels. The testimonial section on the website and the review section on the social media channels are both considered to be the most effective ways to drill about the products, pricing, quality, reputation and customer services of a particular manufacturer. On a single click you get to know all of these details which helps you in making a right decision. Because of the quality, comfort and durability of the leather used in crafting of handmade bespoke leather shoes, it’s always good to do some research work before making any purchase.

Analyze the Appearance & Design of the shoe

When it comes to buying a good quality leather shoe, it’s easier to analyze by looking at the shoe fractions separately besides the entire shoe. Lace, buckle-up or zip closure, toe shape, leather upper and sole are some of the important features that needs to be considered before going for a custom designed handmade shoe. Analyzing these points will give you a clear idea about which custom handmade shoe design you want to buy and in which you will be easily comfortable.

Always consider the Price of the shoe for long term benefits

Price has always been a significant trait when it comes to purchase of a good quality handmade shoe. By now we know that a good quality bespoke handmade leather shoe costs more than a normal or machine made shoe placed at shelves. Be ready to spend a little more if you really want to go for a premium custom handmade shoe. Such bought handcrafted custom leather shoe will last almost a lifetime and will also save your money in the long run because of its fine quality leather and long lasting durability. So make sure you consider price in terms of long term benefit before making any purchase.

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