Peshawari Chappal


Peshawari Chappal

Are known for its durability, elegant styles, colorful designs, and worldwide popularity. Peshawari Chappal has turned to become fashion with popular brand of clothing in the vicinity and suburbs of the city. The love and admiration for Peshawari chappals all over the country is evident in the fact that every Pakistani man has owned a pair of this traditional footwear. The admiration for the Chappals is also evident from the fact that a large number of Pakistani men proudly wear the pair of this traditional footwear. The footwear is usually used with shalwar kameez but the sale of the sandals by popular clothing brands have turned them into fashion items which is now by and large used with pants and shirts or t-shirts as well.

These Chappals come in a wide array of designs which are available at various prices. “A low quality of the chappal can be bought between Rs 600 to Rs 700. “But we tell buyers that such chappals have a life of not more than two to three months. Consider them as disposable items. The cheaper version of these sandals can be harmful if worn in the long term. ”The copies are made from low quality rexine or artificial leather. Instead of the new tyres, old and worn out tyres are used in the soles of such footwear. Hand stitching is replaced with cheap binding adhesives. However, the good quality pair of this sandal ranges between Rs 5,000 to Rs 11,000.  The pure leather does not harm skin of feet or bones even if a person it walks for long distance or for long time.

Peshawari Chappals by RoyalStreet are made In different types nd different designs of pure leathers with Leather soles. And All these Chappal are Handmade by the best craftsman’s of Pakistan with experience of 35+ years.